Player's Handbook


Welcome to the wonderful world of GUTS, where players and game masters work together to progress the story within the game world.

The name “GUTS+” is an acronym for the base character stats, called “qualities,” in the game: “G”umption, “U”tility, “T”hought, and “S”lyness, “plus” additional custom stats that each player chooses to round out their character.

Gameplay is heavily narrative-based and relies on a Game Master who is comfortable either improvising frequently to give players the smoothest narrative experience possible or railroading their players into following a specific path for the sake of keeping the story solid. The tone of the rules and scenarios that use the GUTS+ System are heavily inspired by the spirit of the Earthbound/Mother series from Nintendo, and is therefore open to quirky or silly facets while still allowing serious themes and moments. This provides a fair amount of flexibility to GMs and players to either tell whatever build whatever kind of world they want or tell a story in existing worlds using established tropes.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating your character and navigating the game world. The rest is pretty much up to your Game Master and you simply need to play within the world that your character has been placed into.

Note: This book is not yet complete, but it contains the basic fundamentals to help you get started.