Campaign: Mother Earth

Started: Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Startere was a sleepy, “all-American” town situated in the middle of Nowhere. For years, there were no paved roads into or out of the town, and there was just desert all around–temperate desert, but a wasteland all the same. In recent years, however, people wanting to escape the city life have come and developed suburbs along the outskirts of town, charmed by the quaint little town.

Along the main road, there’s the old general store, mostly stocked with local woodwork from tables and chairs to toys though it sometimes has some factory-made things when a rare shipment comes in; there’s the farm stalls once a week where everyone trades the fruits (and vegetables and eggs and other farm things) of their labor; and a bunch of other useful things like the tailor, a diner, and the big, elaborate Town Hall building. Most of the time, most people are found just milling around this main street, but they’re always sure to get their work done. Just off the main road, almost completely ringing old town, there are more modern amenities and stores, overshadowing the less convenient local businesses. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just the way things go when your town grows into a city.

For the past couple of weeks, the residents of Startere have been complaining about loud noises and bright, colorful lights coming from the sky at night. A few people have stayed out at night to see what was causing it, but the sound was so loud and the lights were so bright that they couldn’t actually see what was causing it. Rumors about aliens started going around, and a general unease settled on the town.

But Mayor Fred Devonshire finally had enough. Just last night, he went out shooting blindly into the night with his shotgun when the lights showed up again, and after a few shots, the lights began to flicker and the noise shifted, closely followed by a fiery explosion out to the south of town. Now a small group is gearing up to join the miniscule police force to go check out the crash site.